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New Sign Up Forms

An often overlooked, but extremely important aspect of email marketing is list growth. Both initial list growth and continued expansion can be among the most crucial aspects of any email marketing campaign. has always supported organic list growth by making it easy to create and implement sign up forms that connect directly to their […]

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Date posted: 10/24/2012 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services

Using Email Archiving

The newest feature is email campaign archiving. We’re happy to bring this feature to our members, particularly to those who have requested it in the past. We believe it will add significantly to the already comprehensive and robust email marketing system that Admail offers. Email archiving allows our customers to use a static URL […]

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Date posted: 07/06/2012 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services

Email Marketing is Easy!

I often write about the hurdles and challenges that come with email marketing. I commonly do this because I enjoy solving problems for our customers. I think, however, that this can create an unfair image of email marketing. It may lead people to believe that email marketing is an extremely difficult medium to work with […]

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Date posted: 06/29/2012 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services, Email Marketing

Make QR Codes Work for You

If you prefer to watch the video version of this blog post, it is available here. QR Codes have had some buzz for quite some time. Those of you in the marketing or technology industries have surely heard of them either in passing or through direct experience. While they have been growing in popularity, they […]

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Date posted: 05/25/2012 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services, Design, Email Marketing

Our Recent Work with Subaru

We recently worked with Subaru to recreate one of their print ads for email. We also integrated QR codes and personalization for individual customers so they could quickly and easily access their information. The results were awesome, with open rates as high as +30%! Here’s a small example of what they ended up with! If […]

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Date posted: 03/28/2012 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services, Design, Email Marketing Feedback Loops has been in business since 1995, and one of the many benefits of those 17 years of experience is that we have a great relationships with most major email service providers. Because of our great relationship with ISPs, we are able to establish feedback loops set up with many of them. Feedback loops are […]

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Date posted: 03/08/2012 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services

Why Chose Over Our Competitors? has always been a company that has succeeded on its own merits, not by slinging mud at our competitors. We firmly believe that our services are the best in the industry and we are constantly working to maintain and exceed our already high quality products. We’re aware that we have many competitors in the […]

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Date posted: 02/17/2012 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services