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Analytic Paralysis

Admail’s Accu Trak delivers key information to help you determine what is or isn’t working in your campaigns. Recently I attended the Marketing Sherpa Annual Conference, during one session the presenter said: While vast amounts of information and tracking that information are available, sometimes you have to ask yourself “Do I really need it?”. Clients […]

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Date posted: 05/03/2009 | Author: Robert Hicks | Category: Admail Services, Email Marketing, Tips

Pricing Information With Updates

Admail’s updated pricing is a better deal than ever before. We have some of the lowest prices on

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Date posted: 04/15/2009 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services

Internet Explorer 8 Users “Just say No”

When using your Admail Email Builder Templates with Images – IE 8′s default security setting will ask you “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely” and the answer is “No”. If you say yes the unsecured Images in your Template¬† (photos, logos, etc) will not load and you will […]

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Date posted: 04/11/2009 | Author: Robert Hicks | Category: Admail Services, News, Sending Email, Tips

Let Me Count The Ways

A number of updates have been taken live over the past few weeks–we wanted to officially mention them before the next wave of updates comes. First off, the load time for Accu Trak has been greatly improved. When you bring up your Accu Trak data, the listing will be displayed much faster. While this is […]

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Date posted: 09/04/2008 | Author: Thaddeus Quintin | Category: Admail Services, News
Date posted: 05/20/2008 | Author: Thaddeus Quintin | Category: Admail Services, News

Current Admail Users…

The following is a sample of our current Admail users: Entertainment and the Arts Menopause the Musical The Metropolitan Opera of New York Songman Entertainment Kaye Bohler Band Financial Services Discovery – The Financial Information Group New Covenant Mutual Funds MNET Mortgage Restaurant & Food Services Subway Guidos Ristorante Holy Lamb Organics Consulting and Business […]

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Date posted: 04/15/2008 | Author: Robert Hicks | Category: Admail Services, News

Admail continues to provide superior delivery & service…

It has been a month since we completed the move to the new data center. Performance is outstanding. The electrical service was even tested when a tornado blew through Atlanta with no disruption of service. So! Excuse us for blowing our own horn but, after 13 years, we are still providing the best email marketing […]

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Date posted: 04/07/2008 | Author: Robert Hicks | Category: Admail Services, News