Writing Common Sense Emails that Work!

Date posted: Sun, Aug 14, 05 | Author: Alynn Gillespie | Category: email marketing

There's no secret to writing successful, attention-grabbing emails to your customers. There are only two things you need to understand: the medium, and the message.

The Medium
It's important to understand how people read email. It's not like a book or magazine where the readers can take their time and digest long stories … email works best for quick, content-packed communications. Keep it short, and keep it relevant. Use email to announce new products, store openings, sales, discounts, specials … for longer discussions about product benefits, company history and the like—send the reader back to your website.

The Message
This is your chance to sell yourself and/or your products to your customers, and to potential customers. Home in on one particular product or benefit, and make your case.

Write your message just like you speak: Make it conversational, engaging and easy to read. Don't feel as if you have to fill your message with jargon or "25-cent words." Your customers will respond better if they feel like they're engaged in a conversation, not listening to a lecture.

Finally, don't overload your readers with lists of features or services, send them back to your website for more information on everything you do.

Putting it All Together
Remember the following tips to make your message POP!

1. Keep it short
2. Keep it relevant
3. Write clearly and simply
4. Make it exciting
5. Include an offer or other reason to continue the conversation
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