The 10 Commandments of Writing Outstanding Direct Response Copy

Date posted: Wed, Sep 14, 05 | Author: Craig Israel | Category: email marketing

Today's consumer is inundated with marketing messages... as many as 1500 EVERY DAY ... that is more than one every minute! To cut through this clutter and reach your target, it takes exceptionally strong writing... writing that grabs the reader's attention and pulls the emotional triggers that motivate interest, interaction and purchase.

The skill to write outstanding copy that hits it out of the park the first time, every time only comes after years of practice, fine-tuning and experience. The tips and tricks are legion, but there are a handful of things that I put into practice with every project I write: my 10 Commandments.

Commandment #10

Thou Shalt Write About Benefits -- Not Features
A feature is what a product does... a benefit is what it does for me. Customers are only interested in benefits... Why should I buy? What can I expect? How does this product make my life better? Always start with your reader's needs, not your company's goals.

Commandment #9

Thou Shalt Develop a Great Offer, and Sell It HardYou can count on less than 5% of your readers to be ready to buy when you first talk to them... the rest will need extra motivation. A great offer (buy-one-get-one, half price, free gift with purchase, etc.) will push your prospect from just thinking about your product, to buying your product.

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