Two Sides of the Same Marketing Coin

Date posted: Tue, Feb 28, 06 | Author: Alynn Gillespie | Category: email marketing

Email and Direct Mail

Long ago smart marketers discovered that the best way to reach their customers wasn't by relying on one method (TV, radio, newspaper, etc.) but by using a balanced mix of several different methods. This "multi-channel marketing" approach has stood the test of time and is still the best, and most economical, way to reach your target audience.

One of the best tactics for successful multi-channel marketing combines one of the oldest and one of the newest methods: direct mail and email.

Direct mail: still around, still working

For people outside of the industry, traditional direct mail has a bad rap. It's nothing more than junk mail that appears unwanted in your mailbox; offers for new credit cards, weight loss products and the like. But those who understand the potential and the power of direct mail, see it as something very different: a gold mine.

Simply put, nothing compares to the potential of direct mail done well. There is no more cost-effective way to reach your target audience (and only your target audience). Combine a good list, a strong, hard-selling letter and a powerful call to action you have a package that can't fail.

Email: direct mail's first cousin

Good email marketing shares all of the same requirements as good direct mail: tightly targeted lists, strong-sell message and a powerful call to action. Just as powerful as direct mail, email also has the advantage of being faster and more nimble and it's print cousin. In this age of immediate satisfaction, I-want-it-right-now, email can be the best way to react to the ever-changing marketing environment.

However, reckless spamming by irreparable parties has hurt this otherwise powerful medium. Increased legislation and tighter spam-filters in today's email clients can make it more difficult than every before to get your message in front of your audience's eyes.

But there is a simple and effective way to strengthen the draw of both direct mail and email to boost your delivery and response rates to soaring new heights.

Two great tastes that taste great together!

As powerful as direct mail and email are separately, they are exponentially more effective when used together. Direct mail and email naturally compliment each other and have been used by savvy marketers to boost open and response rates by 25%, 50%, 100%... or more!

Additionally, both share the advantage of being able to be accurately tracked, measured, analyzed and tested. In these days of increased scrutiny on every advertising dollar, more and more advertisers who would at one time have turned their noses up at these methods are now embracing what marketing professionals have known for 50 years: direct marketing works.

There are several strategies to use these two powerful mediums together; only a few have been outlined below:

Mutual Reinforcement: flights of email and direct mail are used alternatively to keep your message top of mind with your customer. One such series of communications may consist of:
1. An initial direct mail letter package highlighting the benefits of your product or service
2. Followed by an email outlining additional features, warranties or special offers
3. Followed by a post card reminder the reader of an important date
4. Followed by a follow-up email that provides new information
5. ...and so on

Opt-in emails: A traditional mail package that requests the reader to register online ("opt in") for additional information, special offers or the like. Once email addresses are captured, regular communications can be sent electronically in the form of informational updates, newsletters, special limited-duration sales, etc., again keeping your company and product top of mind and providing a motivation to purchase.

Direct mail fulfillment: Contact information is collected via Web site landing pages utilizing forms; then detailed fulfillment packages can be sent by regular mail. This turns a low-involvement action (filling out a Web form) into a high-involvement action (opening a physical package, interacting with different printed elements, etc.) that provokes a stronger purchase reaction.

These are only three of the dozens of methods you can use to better leverage your direct mail/email communications to significantly increase open rates, response rates, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.


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