Email Builder has replaced eShop

Date posted: Wed, Jun 27, 07 | Author: Alynn Gillespie | Category: admail services, news, sending email


Email Builder is our new and improved eShop. Leveraging our twelve years of email design and delivery experience, it creates professional email newsletters or marketing campaigns with our updated and user-friendly interface. Email Builder gives you more flexibility and control over your email.

So many options, so much creativity - the new rich text formatting bar lets you modify: font styles, sizes, color, and more, just like using a word processor. No need to learn HTML; just select one of our templates and create a professional looking newsletter in minutes.

Creation process...Email Builder lets you develop customized, as well as personalized, newsletters, announcements, promotions, product updates, and advertising campaigns. There are many ways to create your email with our flexible interface: use one of our easy-to-use templates, provide your own custom HTML, or write a to-the-point text email. You can also store images on our system, then insert them into your message with a few clicks of your mouse.

Review/Send process...After your email is created, Email Builder presents your email message for final review. Send out test emails, so you can see how your email will appear to your list members.

When you are satisfied, you can send to your entire List Builder list, or narrow the focus to your target geographic or demographic audience with Interest Groups or Target Filters.

Tracking process...Email Builder automatically detects links and gives you the option to track list members' activity in Accu Trak. Email Builder also includes a link so that list members can unsubscribe or modify their personal information in each email sent. This link connects to your List Builder database, so all requests are also updated in real-time. List Builder remembers individual remove request, so should you accidentally upload the member in the future they will not be emailed.

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