Analytic Paralysis

Date posted: Sun, May 3, 2009 | Author: Robert Hicks | Categories: Admail Services, Email Marketing, Tips

Admail's Accu Trak delivers key information to help you determine what is or isn't working in your campaigns. Recently I attended the Marketing Sherpa Annual Conference, during one session the presenter said: While vast amounts of information and tracking that information are available, sometimes you have to ask yourself "Do I really need it?". Clients many times want to track every minute detail to the moment of yes, Analytic Paralysis. Just because you can think of it does not always mean you can use it. Sometimes it really boils down to having a better understanding of what is in front of you.

A prime example of this is, another seminar I recently attended with an "E-mail Marketing expert" told the audience that email marketing was getting tougher because one; Open Rates where falling and two; excess junk in recipients inboxes.

Let's cover open rates first. The fact open rates are falling isn't that email marketing is not working it is that the technology has changed. In 2005 Microsoft began blocking Images by default and other email software makers have since followed suit. Many of you I am sure have noticed the Load Images buttons on your email browser or, the "Problems viewing this page click here" link in email header's.

Opens historically have been tracked by an embedded 1x1 pixel image in HTML emails. What this meant was, once an email was touched upon in a preview window or opened briefly by the recipient - a message was sent back to the sender that the email had been "Opened or Viewed" - but not necessarily read. Therefore as users migrated to the new email client software opens appeared to be dropping. Which isn't all bad! What it does mean is that you are now seeing a truer picture, of who is actually reading your emails. Many times people view this as a delivery issue or their email program has become ineffective which isn't the case!

Before you throw the baby out with the bath water take a look at your click through these are true readers and they moved from the body of your email to your web site for more information.

If you really want to drill down on your ROI either use the Click Through email address to match back on your transactions or upgrade to the Custom Fields to pass a campaign Source Code to your shopping cart, you can even tie it into your Google Analytics. But, don't forget to ask yourself do I really need it or what am I going to do with the number once I have it. Order more widgets?

Information overload can bog you down - if sales are off over analyzing it won't fix the problem - but a fresh approach can. I have been involved in target marketing for close to thirty years and one thing is for certain what Works - Works! I repeatedly see people and businesses get myriad in statistics that some Guru recommended. For decades Mutual Funds and Wall Street Analysts have used the disclaimer "Past performance is not a guarantee of future results". Don't become a victim of Analytic Paralysis!

The second point, "excessive junk mail" you have a perfect leg up with our robust delivery system provides you the perfect options. Send your email during the day or early evening if you are marketing to consumers. If you are working across different time zones use the Interest Groups to break out your members by time zones or use Target Filters to break up your list member by State. For tips and information visit our FAQ section on Email and Spam Blockers.