What is Email Hash, Anyway?

Date posted: Thu, Dec 17, 15 | Author: Robert Hicks | Category: best practices, email marketing, sending email, tips

Every decade or so, a new technology comes along that changes everything. Any marketer who has been around knows that email marketing is still one of the most efficient and cost-effective forms of marketing today. Right now hashed emails are becoming the standard for email marketing.

What Is A Hashed Email?

While hashed emails, as a technology, have been around for a while they are fairly new to the marketing world. A hashed email is essentially a cryptographic function. It is the process of taking a piece of data, in our case an email address, and turning it into a hexadecimal string. That is a series of numbers and letters that will permanently be assigned to that particular email address.

For marketers this will provide them with a goldmine of actionable data. Every logged-in action that customer takes with that email can be tracked and analyzed. This allows businesses to gain a more complete customer profile, making it easier to learn about customer spending and browsing habits.

Everyone Has An Email Address

Nearly everything you do on the Internet requires an email address. From social media, to shopping to news sites a consumer must have a valid email address to participate.

As a marketer you can track the online behavior of those people on your email list through the use of hashed emails. By knowing what their online habits are you can pinpoint your digital marketing efforts to the exact locations where your customers congregate.

They Are More Effective Than Cookies

Most marketers know all about cookies and use them to track their customers online. But hashed emails are far more effective than cookies. Cookies can be turned off if the customer so chooses. They do not transfer across devices and therefore will miss out on the mobile activity of your customers.

However, hashed emails work on all devices and will give you more opportunities to reach the consumer. As an example, through hashed email retargeting you can take an email currently in your database to target your customer when they log on to Twitter or Facebook from their mobile device.

They Are Built On A Solid Technology

Over the last 20 years email has become the communication vehicle of choice for consumers. Despite this, nearly every year there are reports about the death of email and email marketing. However, email marketing still offers the best ROI for your marketing dollar. According to a recent study by the Radicati Group, the number of email accounts is expected to grow by nearly 20% by 2018.

If this trend continues hashed emails will become even more valuable.

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