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More changes at

The upgrading of the template section of the web site is complete. You are no longer limited to the amount of articles available in each template. Now, when you select one of our templates for your e-mail, you can also select how many articles you’d like to include in it. If, during the composition you […]

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Date posted: 08/10/2004 | Author: Todd Paridon | Category: Admail Services, News

Upgrades for Demographic Target Filters

Requests have come in asking for more usability with our demographic target filters. Users of’s Advantage packages will now notice it is easier to manage and maintain your filters. Do you mail frequently with complex selections of demographics and interest groups? Simplify it by making an all-in-one target filter that can now include interest […]

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Date posted: 06/15/2004 | Author: Thaddeus Quintin | Category: Admail Services, News

List Downloads Are Now Available

At, we listen to your suggestions. As a result, new features are being added and others improved. One of the recent additions debuting this month is a new download section. For those with advantage packages, there is a “Download Lists” option under “Manage Members” on the left side navigation menu. Selecting it will […]

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Date posted: 06/14/2004 | Author: Todd Paridon | Category: Admail Services, News

Coming Soon… Increased Functionality for Interest Groups

Be on the lookout for additional functionality from your interest groups. We’ve upped the maximum allowable to 32 current interest groups and built in some new features. We realized some users have a need for a large number of groups to sort and categorize while others were using the groups for testing purposes. One of […]

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Date posted: 04/15/2004 | Author: Todd Paridon | Category: Admail Services, News

Client List Uploads are Becoming More Versatile and More Robust

Debuting the week of March 22, uploading your list of clients will become easier. If you have an Advantage account, you will be able to upload your list into your account in a variety of ways, including pipe delimited, comma delimited and tab delimited format. We recommend the pipe delimited format, because the pipe […]

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Date posted: 03/15/2004 | Author: Todd Paridon | Category: Admail Services, News

Concerned About the New Can-Spam Law? List Builderâ„¢ Can Help

The new Can-Spam law requires e-mail marketers to include an opt-out link in all campaigns. If a recipient requests to be removed from your mailing list, they are not to receive any further correspondence from you. This requires you to have and maintain an accurate and responsive suppression list for those who have opted-out or […]

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Date posted: 03/15/2004 | Author: Todd Paridon | Category: Admail Services, Best Practices

New Features at

The programmers at Admail have been hard at work developing new features for the web site. There has been a new upload section added under your Manage Members area. This will allow you to automatically upload your e-mail list to us. But please be sure to conform to the specifications listed on the page. Right […]

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Date posted: 02/15/2004 | Author: Robert Hicks | Category: Admail Services, News