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Writing HTML that works for Email

Writing HTML for email is simple, but that can make it tricky. Confused yet? Let me explain. Many designers make the mistake of trying to write HTML for email the same way they would for a webpage. Unfortunately, email programs today do not support the same standard of HTML code as web browsers. Code that […]

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Date posted: 04/15/2013 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services

SPAM Filters Gone Wild

The first goal of any email marketer is to get their email into the inbox of their list members. This seems like it a relatively simple task, but there is a major obstacle in the way. That obstacle is SPAM filters. They are designed to protect recipients from being overwhelmed with unsolicited and unwanted email, […]

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Date posted: 03/21/2013 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services, Best Practices, Sending Email

Focusing on Mobile

Statistics show that in only a few years, more people will open email on mobile devices than desktop or laptop computers. According to most reports, 42% of email is currently read on a mobile device. Mobile email is the most important way that email is evolving and one of the main reasons why it is […]

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Date posted: 03/01/2013 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services

Industry Still Buzzing About QR Codes at PPAI 2013

The team has just returned from Las Vegas and another great PPAI Expo. We spent the week talking and listening to current and potential customers and one thing is for sure, QR Codes are still a hot topic for many business men and women. Mobile smartphone adoption continues and will undoubtedly continue to increase […]

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Date posted: 01/29/2013 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services

5 Useful Features You May Not Know

Whether you are a long time user or completely new to, there are probably useful sections of the site that you aren’t familiar with. Admail is full featured and there are tools that may help you improve your results that you might be missing. Interest Groups: Possibly the most useful feature on This […]

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Date posted: 01/29/2013 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services

Writing HTML that Appears Correctly in Outlook

If you prefer writing your own HTML code rather than using our templates, completely supports those efforts. Writing HTML can be difficult however and this guide assumes that you are already moderately fluent in the language. One of the big problems our clients run into when writing HTML for email is that they aren’t […]

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Date posted: 12/11/2012 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services, Best Practices, Design, HTML

Improve Your Conversion Rate

You’ve cleared the initial hurdle and made the leap into email marketing. You’ve assembled a team, found a service provider, compiled your list and sent out your first campaign. The important question now is: what can you do next to improve the return on your investment? You’re getting opens and clickthroughs, but unless some of […]

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Date posted: 11/07/2012 | Author: Dan Lukens | Category: Admail Services