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Newer posts → Launches 8 New Interest Group Features’s new interface includes a number of features that make it easier for all email marketers to use and sure to please power users. announced today they have completely overhauled List Builder’s Interest Group features and interface. Clients now have more tools in hand.

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Date posted: 04/04/2008 | Author: Alynn Gillespie | Category: Admail Services, News

Moving On

Near the end of 2007, we received word that our Internet hosting provider (IBM) was getting out of the hosting business in Atlanta and that our contract had been bought out by Quality Technology Services. We’ve dealt with provider changes before, so this news wasn’t too disturbing. Shortly thereafter, we learned that we had to […]

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Date posted: 03/27/2008 | Author: Thaddeus Quintin | Category: Admail Services, News

The Metropolitan Opera selects

New York – The Metropolitan Opera Guild selected as their mass email delivery system last week; also new to Admail’s list of clients The Ocean County Public Library of New Jersey. As President of List Media, the parent corporation of Admail, I want to thank all of our long term clients for their continued […]

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Date posted: 12/04/2007 | Author: Robert Hicks | Category: Admail Services, News

Surfin’ Safari

While we were creating Email Builder, we realized that there were issues when running on Apple’s Safari web browser. Overall, things worked, but the editing environment was limited (e.g. no bold, no italics, no formatting at all!) and when large templates were loaded, it encountered an error and Email Builder would cease functioning. While looking […]

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Date posted: 11/15/2007 | Author: Thaddeus Quintin | Category: Admail Services, News

Interest Groups, Even More!

Did you notice? We launched the final two features of our new Interest Groups page! While they’re much more subtle than the sweeping revisions we made earlier, these updates will please all of our power users. Without further ado, let me introduce them to you: Segmentation Ever wanted to mail a portion of your list […]

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Date posted: 11/05/2007 | Author: Thaddeus Quintin | Category: Admail Services, News, Tips

Interest Groups Reloaded

We’ve upgraded our Interest Group feature! If you have an Advantage plan, or an XP plan that includes Interest Groups, check it now! The new interface isn’t all just flash and good looks–we’ve included a number of new features to make your life easier. Best of all, it all runs on one page so that […]

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Date posted: 10/22/2007 | Author: Thaddeus Quintin | Category: Admail Services, News, Tips

The Value of’s Sign-up Form and Welcome Email

Do you utilize’s sign-up form? If not, you’re losing a great opportunity! Our sign-up form will automatically add list members to your database, while gathering pertinent information about your list members’ wants, needs and preferences. How do you create a sign-up form that you can put on your website? Visit Sign-up Form under List […]

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Date posted: 10/19/2007 | Author: Alynn Gillespie | Category: Admail Services, Email Marketing, Tips