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Email marketing works, but before you start…

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with customers and prospects online. Our advice to most marketers is to not rent email lists, but to instead build your own. Admail's List Builder will enable you to design your own Sign-Up Survey. Never spam, under any circumstances. Let subscribers know in advance how often you will send messages and what type of content they can expect. Make messages as targeted as possible; relevancy keeps people listening.

Do not consider the Internet simply as a place to put your brochures in electronic form

Do not make the mistake of treating the Internet as if it is simply an advertising medium. The Web has more in common with the telephone than print. It is different from traditional media in many respects. Even Internet advertising requires a different approach than off-line advertising. Exploit the Web's unique qualities to provide a richer experience for customers and prospects. Remember email is fluid and dynamic trying to replicate a printed brochure or flyer may be effective or even possible on a consistent basis.

Keep it Simple

Considering the fact that most e-mail users receive tens to hundreds of emails messages each day, the most important goal of your email message should be that it is easy for people to receive and read. You only have seconds for people to look at and evaluate your message - the simpler and clearer the better.

Make Your Message Meaningful

It is easy to let your messages become heavily loaded vehicles to promote your product or service. Today’s customers are too savvy for self-promotion that does not contain objective, useful information. People today want information of value, or content that is personally meaningful to the recipient. This is what sets your email apart from typical SPAM.

Call to Action

Each and every email should contain an action item for the reader to follow. This could be as simple as creating a link to your site or a landing page. It could be a phone number or a person to call. You could ask them to fill out a survey or register for a contest. At the very least encourage people to reply to your message. In some cases you may to encourage them to forward the email to a friend which Admail's optional Forward-to-a-Friend supports.

Track Every Action

This is the best way to test how successful you are at creating an effective email campaign. HTML emails have the special ability to be able to track your reader’s behavior. There are basically two tracking measures: 1) who opens or looks at you email and 2) click tracking or link tracking. Both of these can be extremely helpful in understanding what your readers want or where their attentions are focused. For this and more information on the Accu Trak analytics click here.

Inspire Loyalty with Your Message

Keeping your customer's loyalty can be as simple a keeping people on your subscriber list. The real aim for your email campaigns is to create an atmosphere where people want to participate and learn more. Surveys can really help do this. People like taking surveys! Not long ones, but short polls.

Why do I need online marketing?

You may not know, but 80 percent of American adults own a smartphone and are likely to use that smartphone, or another mobile device, for email, news, social networking, and countless other activities. Online digital marketing lets you reach them during their daily activities. With Admail's email marketing tools, we have you covered and now offer SMS services too.

If you are still asking yourself:

Numerous pay-to-play services claim they can recommend the top 10 or best email marketing services. However, you need to decide for yourself what works best. That is why Admail offers a 30 Day no-risk free trial. And if you are not completely satisfied at the end of 30 Days, call me, Robert Hicks, at 1-800-479-6233 and I will send you a Free Starbucks Card.