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Build your list with List Builder,'s database tool. Perform advanced database actions with just a few clicks of the mouse. List Builder offers seamless opt-in data capture, automatic duplication handling, and many segmentation options including fractional “nth”ing and on the fly merge/purge functions for interest groups.

At a Glance ...


List Builder helps manage a customer database by capturing key information and giving users the option to target specific list members. Use stored information to personalize email campaigns by including recipient name or other information. List Builder tools can target segments of a list by member's likes, dislikes, email preference, geographic location, and demographic profiles. Users can even manage fifty individual lists from one account. Customers can also modify their preferences using List Builder’s real-time linking features.

List Builder allows users to create an easily customizable sign-up form to organically collect new customer data. Include it on a website to collect new members and update a database in real-time. Use the QR Code generator to create a mobile link to the sign-up form on print advertising or at a storefront.

Managing your database shouldn't be complicated. List Builder makes it easy regardless of your database management experience. Start a free trial with Admail today and see how you can grow your business or organization.