About Us

Our mission is to provide our customers with the absolute best email marketing products, expert advice, and customer service.

Since 1995, Admail.net™, a List Media® company, has provided email marketing and database management systems for our clients. We service customers in the entertainment, government, retail, finance and manufacturing industries. They trust us with the lifeline of their business… their proprietary customer database. We understand how business is changing, and we've changed to keep up with those demands. Part of those changes led us to create the site you see today. Admail.net provide customers with an email marketing system that includes List Builder, Email Builder, AdSocial and Accu Trak.

The Admail.net Advantage is a simple solution that allows you to take back control of your email marketing and data management. The Advantage solution works on your time schedule and gives you the flexibility to create, test and deploy your own targeted email campaigns 24/7.

It's all in your hands, but when you need us...

Our team of friendly IT professionals are right there to guide you. The Admail.net team will help you utilize one of our highly configurable templates or design one to your specifications. If your database needs require extensive hygiene or integrated data synchronization, our team is there as well! List Builder along with Accu Trak empowers you to maintain and understand your customer database better. Email Builder offers the flexibility to develop professional email campaigns and newsletters for both novice and expert.

Admail.net offers unmatched Customer Service with more than 25 years of database management and experience. Our programs are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any computer using your secure login information.

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