Accu Trak™

Accu Trak is a real-time reporting and statistics tool that tracks opened emails, click-throughs, replies, unsubscribe requests, and non-deliverables. It provides easy-to-understand analytics for user's email marketing campaigns and is conveniently built into the™ system.

At a Glance ...

  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Unsubscribes
  • Opens
  • Delivered
  • Clickthrough tracking of embeded link activity
  • Replies to audit customer service
  • Granular hard and soft bounce management
  • Automatic List Hygiene

Accu Trak is included in all Admail accounts and collects accurate data that allows users to monitor every aspect of their email marketing campaigns. It provides downloadable reports of replies, opens, click throughs, bounces and removes, all in real-time. Email campaign statistics are recorded permanently so users can view their overall progress months or years at a time. has one of the most advanced list management systems in the business and Accu Trak works with it in harmony to keep lists clean. It handles non-deliverable emails and unsubscribe requests accurately, removing them promptly from a list without the need for direct intervention. Bounced email addresses are also collected, examined, and then removed from a list at the point when they are deemed non-deliverable.

Success in email marketing requires accurate and in-depth statistics reporting and Accu Trak provides all the information you could ever need.