AdSocial is a set of tools that allows users to seamlessly integrate their social media efforts with™, increasing the success of both.

At a Glance ...

  • Connect through Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and LinkedIn
  • Easily include social media links in email templates
  • Push your email broadcast to Social Fans & Followers
  • Hootsuite Platform Certification

With AdSocial you can share any email campaign through your social media accounts. You can also create links to your Facebook page or to your Twitter feed and put them in an email. If you use the List Builder sign up form, you can broadcast a link to it across different social media accounts with one click of a button.

When using AdSocial, your reach isn't limited to just your email list, you can contact everyone in your social media family. Use it to increase the size of your list and give your message a better chance to influence more people.