AdSocial is a set of tools that allows users to seamlessly integrate their social media efforts with Admail increasing the success of both.


With over 72% of Americans being on one or more social media platforms and 78% of Americans finding a retail product to purchase on Facebook, social media is an invaluable part of any marketing campaign. So integrating your email marketing into your social media campaign just makes sense. AdSocial is a set of tools that seamlessly integrates your email campaign with your social media accounts, increasing the success of both.

Create Links to Your Social Accounts

Use Adsocial to create links to your social media accounts and add them to your email campaign so your customers easily find your page. You can also publish the link to your List Builder signup form on all your social media pages to capture new and potential customers with just the click of a button. Email marketing is the best way to stay in front of your audience.


Reach Further with AdSocial

When using AdSocial, your reach isn't limited to just your email list. You can contact everyone in your social media contacts. This gives your message a better chance to reach more people and increase the size of your subscriber list.

Use AdSocial to connect with more of your customers and increase your reach across multiple platforms. Linking social media with your email campaign has never been easier!

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