Anti-Spam Practices

Did you know that 90% of emails are spam? That’s why makes every effort to ensure that no email originating from our servers is spam.

Important Anti-Spam Resources

We strongly recommend all our customers follow email marketing best practices. Make sure to look at these guidelines to ensure your emails aren’t labeled as spam:

Methods We Use to Prevent the Misuse of Our Service

We take spam reporting seriously to give our customers the confidence and loyalty they deserve in an email marketing service. Our anti-spam practices include:

  • Limited Free Trial
  • List Inspection & Verification
  • Content Checks
  • Abuse Desk
  • ISP and Blacklist Relations
  • Net Abuse Sightings and other online sources
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Limited Free Trial

A free trial of provides a limited number of emails that can be sent, thereby virtually eliminating the possibility of our system being used by spammers. Any large mailings originating from the system are from paying customers who have provided us with valid contact information.

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List Inspection & Verification verifies all large lists. The list verification process includes a complete review of the list source, list age, collection methodology, confirmation practices, etc. New customer lists are tested before any volume mailings. Any list with questionable permission practices is rejected or must first be certified by LAB.

All lists are periodically screened for known spamming characteristics. Data captured from our real-time signup form is stamped with the date and time as well as the originating IP address.

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Content Checks

All email campaigns are subject to random content checks in which they are reviewed for spam content. Any suspicious email content is reviewed by our abuse desk.

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Abuse Desk

Our abuse email box is watched closely and all abuse complaints are processed promptly. We tabulate all reported abuse complaints by the associated sender and campaign. If a sender receives an unacceptable percentage of complaints, their account is disabled and the abuse team follows up with the customer directly.

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ISP and Blacklist Relations has standing relationships and ongoing dialogues with many of the leading ISPs and Blacklists. These include the sharing of information regarding policies, practices and issues. If you are an ISP, mail administrator or blacklist owner and would like to get in touch with us, please email

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Net Abuse Sightings and other online sources actively monitors various websites that report spam and abuse for references to and takes appropriate action whenever necessary.

Summary adheres to industry standards to develop and maintain a robust system designed to eradicate unwanted spam by providing ISPs and others with a means of securely identifying and authenticating our email senders.

Further, we want our customers to feel confident in our services and do everything we can to provide the best email marketing services.

Finally, the Admail Compliance team recommends all clients familiarize themselves with the following as it applies to them and their organization:


If you are an ISP, mail administrator, or blacklist owner and would like to get in touch with us, please email

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