Email Builder

Create and manage emails using our Email Builder! With hundreds of fully customizable templates and flexible tools, the design possibilities are endless. Get creative with your email campaign by adjusting the font styles, adding images, creating links, and much more.

Text Formatting Toolbar

If you're familiar with word processors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you'll quickly pick up the Email Builder’s expansive text formatting toolbar. No learning curve required! You can input simple text into our templates or write your own HTML. Alternatively, you can fetch HTML from your site and input it into your email template.


User-Friendly Editor

So what else can you do with our Email Builder? The sky's the limit with this handy tool. It features a robust editor allowing you to alter the section sizes, background color, and padding. With the editor, you can also duplicate, delete, and modify large sections of your email at the same time, making the designing process more efficient.

Responsive HTML Email Design

Responsive email design is a must. 70% of emails are viewed on a mobile device, mostly on smartphones. It's imperative that your email marketing layout adjusts to the screen size. This is where our Responsive HTML Email Design Builder comes into play. It helps streamline your email marketing with an easy-to-use HTML email editor so you can create a responsive email design within minutes.


Video Email Marketing

Videos remain the preferred user content with 5 billion views a day. Email marketing video takes your marketing plan to the next level ensuring a greater reach and better results. Video email with autoplay merges these two powerful marketing tools allowing you to achieve amazing results with each campaign potentially increasing your CTR (click-through rate) by as much as 280% or achieving campaign conversion rates up to 50%. partnered with Viewed, a multi-platform solution for high-definition video email. With this partnership, we can provide the best video email marketing service. In real-time, Viewed detects which device, email client, and operating system are opening your video email and then delivers the ideal format to each unique system. This allows you to incorporate video email marketing to make your campaigns more effective.

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