List Maintenance

The system already does a lot to make the process of list maintenance easy for our customers. We know that you want to get the best results for your dollar while having a system that's easy to use. That's why the back end provides automated list maintenance services. You may not even be aware of the advanced way that monitors and cleans your list.

From the moment you upload your first contact list, starts with the list maintenance process. Each list that is uploaded is run through our compliance department. The lists are put through a filter that checks for known bad addresses and removes them from your active database. So once your list is finally uploaded, it's already cleaner than when you started.

The next part of the list maintenance process happens when you start sending to your list. Admail automatically handles soft bounces, hard bounces, and unsubscribes without requiring you to lift a finger. For 15 years we've been refining the process of how to deal with different types of bounces and error codes, and now you too benefit from that knowledge.

After you have sent out to your list for a while, we recommend at very least four mailings, it will be more current and accurate than when you began. You will likely lose many of your list members, the percentage of which can fluctuate based on how old the list is and how it was collected, but in the end this will be to your benefit. Not only will you spend less money on your email marketing, but you'll be reaching more interested parties than before.

Most accounts also allow you to download this updated "active" list from your profile at any time. From the List Builder download page you can pull you list out of the system based on a number of different filters to suit your needs. You can then retain this as your updated list if you need a physical copy.

Some of our customers like to take a slightly more aggressive and hands on approach to their list maintenance. In some cases they want to remove soft bounces earlier than we do automatically. That's not a problem! We allow users to download their bounces and easily upload the file as a suppression list to do just this. Beware however, when you upload a suppression file you won't be able to send to the individuals on it again. It's essentially as if they subscribed.

Another way to manage your list is by downloading lists of recipients who have opened or clicked through on your last email and putting them into a separate interest group. You'll know that these individuals are active and interested participants in your email campaign. You may want to send them special offers or follow up emails.

Your list is a very important asset, that's why we provide all of these tools to help you maintain and improve it. When your list is refined and up to date, it's extremely valuable. We'll help you get there! If you have any questions about your list or how to maintain it, please contact us. We have over 15 years in the industry and we would be happy to discuss useful strategies with you!

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