Admail's New List Hygiene Tool

We've said many times on our blog and in our newsletter that your email database is your most valuable email marketing asset. We take list quality and management very seriously here, and while much of it is done behind the scenes, list management is a major part of what we do at We've recently developed a new list hygiene system that pushes list hygiene to the next level.

This new hygiene checks lists against an even larger database of records to keep your list as clean as possible and is designed for large lists that have been collected organically by users who want to ensure that they don't run into any issues during mailing. You may think that your list is above reproach, but in our many years of experience, we've seen lists, even from companies with household names, run into spam issues. These are companies that responsibly collect lists and have no reason to send spam. It's unfortunate, but because of how many spam protection organizations run their operations, even the most responsible mailer can run into issues if they don't have their list properly hygiened.

Our new hygiene service is designed to be the final step in cleaning the cleaning process and eliminates potential mailing issues. The process compares data against a comprehensive list of known spam-traps and honeypots, domains with bad mx records, and domains owned by individuals known to be over zealous about spam reporting. This service isn't necessarily for everyone, it's designed for users with very high quality lists that want to ensure that they don't run into ANY problems.

One major risk that many list owners are unaware of is the fact that old addresses, especially from Hotmail, can be extremely problematic. Some email providers will use inactive addresses as way of identifying spam mailers. Even if the address was good at one time, if it has been inactive long enough, you can be identified as a spammer. These old inactive addresses essentially become ticking time bombs on your mailing list. Along with our list hygiene, it's wise to keep track of list members who have interacted with your email over time by either opening or clicking through. If you see addresses that have been inactive for 6-12 months, we suggest removing these members from your list to prevent hitting them once they become spam traps.

By default, Admail does a basic list cleanup for every file upload. Known bad addresses, and other problematic email addresses are removed before the first email is ever sent. Once mailing begins, Admail tracks the results of all of your mailing activity. Unsubscribes are automatically made inactive on your list as are hard bounced. Soft bounces are monitored but not made inactive until they have bounced 3 times in a row. Admail also has relationships with most of the major email service providers which allow us to have feedback loops set up. This prevents unwanted issues when users mark a message as "spam" rather than using the unsubscribe button.

Admail is one of the few email marketing service providers that will work with customers who have a troubled list. Our compliance department works hard to understand each customer's business and the source of their list so we can head off any potential problems. We have a strict terms of service that we expect all of our clients to uphold, but we also build relationships with our clients which prevent issues that might occur with larger mailers.

If you feel that your list meets the situation we described and you'd like to discuss using the new list hygiene feature, please contact us today. Depending on the size of the list, we will quote you a price. Email us now at or call us during business hours at 800-479-6233.

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