The Human Approach to Email Marketing

Small business owners around the world leverage the power of email marketing every day to stay in touch with their customers and help grow their businesses. Whether they’re promoting an event, announcing a sale, or nurturing their client relationships, entrepreneurs at every level rely on their email marketing platform to help them target their audience with effective tools and an easy-to-use interface.

While technological capabilities such as list management, design templates, and analytics are crucial to the success of their campaigns, many small business owners find the big email marketing platforms lacking in one vital department: one-on-one human support. What good are all the tools they offer if taking advantage of them is out of reach?

With so much on their plates, small business owners don’t always have the time or expertise to manage complicated email marketing strategies on their own. That’s where Admail is distinct from their competition — they pair state-of-the-art email marketing technology with industry-leading human interaction and customer support.

This article is the first in a series highlighting the important features that make Admail the best choice for small business owners looking to grow their brand, expand their customer reach, and make their messages stand out in crowded inboxes.

Admail Goes Beyond “Plug & Play”

Industry-standard features for email marketing platforms, like pre-designed templates, are a big draw for small business owners who have neither the time nor the coding expertise to create attractive, professional-looking emails on their own. That said, many are tired of trying to fit their company’s image into the constraints of generic templates that don’t reflect the uniqueness of their brand.

While Admail boasts an impressive library of beautiful templates for their users to choose from, they also take email design one step further. Admail offers its customers access to our team of expert graphic designers who work with you one-on-one to create custom HTML email templates that properly reflect your style and brand.

Customer-Focused Knowledge Base

Many small business owners are aware that their email marketing service offers a cadre of technical and analytic tools, but they may feel daunted when it comes to using them. Admail is committed to empowering their customers with the tools they need to create and send successful email marketing campaigns. Their suite of cutting-edge features includes:

  • List Builder: An intuitive list management tool that allows you to segment your audiences for targeted messaging.
  • AccuTrak: Admail’s analytics platform that helps you understand key campaign performance metrics like open and click-through rates, unsubscribes, and undeliverables in order to optimize your marketing efforts.
  • AdSocial: A powerful tool that links and synchronizes your email marketing campaigns with your social media to boost the performance of both channels.

Admail understands that, although the tools they offer are incredibly powerful, they won’t be helpful if their customers feel disempowered around using them. That’s why Admail has built out an extensive and easy-to-understand set of online educational resources.

To help their customers with end-to-end usage of Admail’s platform, from getting started with their account to taking advantage of all the advanced features on offer, Admail hosts dozens of quick, entertaining, and understandable videos in their video user guide library. Additionally, Admail’s searchable blog rounds out their extensive knowledge base, allowing customers 24/7 access to their user-centered support resources.

One-on-One Expert Support, Every Time

The number one priority at Admail is also what sets them apart from their competition: a laser focus on personalized, human customer support. They employ a team of highly trained, US-based support professionals who are available to Admail Advantage clients with unlimited phone, email support, and Video User Guides.

Unlike other email marketing platforms who make finding personalized support nearly impossible, Admail customers will never have to search for a phone number or email to contact the support team, and they will never have to jump through the hoops of an over-complicated automated phone system or unhelpful chatbot. Customers will always receive personal, one-on-one support when they need it.

Admail’s support solutions go beyond solving technical issues to include help with email marketing content and strategy, as well as access to design specialists to help make your emails look and feel exactly how you want them.

Contact Admail for a free 30-day trial of their services, and check back soon for more about Admail’s commitment to human connection with a deep dive into their personalized troubleshooting methods and capabilities.

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