Improve Your Conversion Rate

You've cleared the initial hurdle and made the leap into email marketing. You've assembled a team, found a service provider, compiled your list and sent out your first campaign. The important question now is: what can you do next to improve the return on your investment?

You're getting opens and clickthroughs, but unless some of these interactions are converted to sales, all the views and opens in the world won't make you money.

If you are seeing conversions, there are always ways to improve. With some effort and a bit of knowledge, you can improve your conversion rate and get even more for your email marketing dollar.

Marketers that perform more tests see more increases in conversion rates.

It's a simple truth that relies on the common sense idea that performing the same action in the same way will always give you the same results.

You must try new things in your email marketing if you hope to improve your conversion rate.

The risk, is that the changes you make will result in a negative change rather than a positive one. This risk is the reason why good marketers perform so many tests. A/B split testing is still the most popular by far. It's a relatively easy way to compare the results of two different email options.

You can do more extensive testing of your email if you have your list segmented in interest groups or target demographics. These segmentations will give you a way to tailor individual messages for specific portions of your list. The more information your have, the better off you'll be.

When trying to improve conversion rates, it should be clear to your team that optimization is a processes and not a quick fix.

Conversion rates won't improve drastically in one fell swoop, but will more likely improve over time as tests are conducted and changes are gradually made. There should be a structured plan as to how you will test and measure your results.

The team working on improving your conversion rates should know this plan inside and out and should have incentives for measurable improvements that they make. Each person on the team should be directly responsible and accountable for their role.

Once your team starts to see that they have the ability to improve conversions rates using the plan, it will empower them. The knowledge that they truly make a difference in results is a powerful tool. Visible results of their labor will result in further motivation. If  you can pinpoint what parts of their efforts are most effective, waste time can be eliminate and efficiency can be improved. It becomes an avalanche of confidence and success.

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