Integrating Social Media for More Effective Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a great way to communicate with your contact list. Whether you are advertising or sending news updates about a group or organization, email is an effective tool for presenting information. Email isn't the only way you should be reaching your recipients online however.

The online landscape is constantly changing and new forms of communication are being developed every day. Social media sites are some of the most popular new methods of receiving information and they also happen to be a great companion for email campaigns.

Social media and email are a perfect match. They compliment each other by providing list members with choices. If a user base is younger or more technically savvy, they may prefer to use Twitter or Facebook as a means of obtaining information about and communicating with a company. Conversely, email is simple, versatile and almost everyone is familiar with how to use it. An list comprised of older or more traditional members may respond best to email updates.

By including social media links within your email campaigns, you give your user the option to choose how they want to interact with your company. If a member dislikes email advertising but wouldn't mind seeing you on their Twitter or Facebook feed, providing them with the option to use social media instead of allows you to maintain communication with them. So don't shy away from including social media links in your email campaigns. Together, they give your users the options that they want, and can keep your list members in contact with your company even if they unsubscribe from your email campaigns.

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