List Downloads Are Now Available

At, we listen to your suggestions. As a result, new features are being added and others improved. One of the recent additions debuting this month is a new download section.

For those with advantage packages, there is a "Download Lists" option under "Manage Members" on the left side navigation menu. Selecting it will walk you though a series of options of what you wish to download.

You can choose from all fields in your entire list, the addresses of unsubscribes or any combination of the above. Your marketing department can get a list of who is opening the mail, you can keep your CRM data up to date or you can see whose addresses are resulting in bounces. The choice is yours.

Options for downloads include; Entire List, Interest Groups, Combinations of Interest Groups, Fields that you have selected to be included on your signup form*, and Current Mailing Status. The download is in .csv format so it is compatible with most popular spread sheet and database programs as well as being a standard if custom coding is needed.

  • Only certain fields are available for downloads and uploads. Please login and check your Customer Sign Up Form for which fields are compatible with downloads and uploads.

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