MMM: Multichannel Mobile Marketing, Today’s Direct Marketing

In today’s marketing strategy you need to include email, social media, web, and
SMS. More than ever before, you must have a plan. Permission marketing means
doing your homework - Regardless of whether you are B2B or B2C it is imperative
you collect more than just a phone number and the occasional email address.

In this post, I want to focus on Retail and how Mobile is critical for
In-Store Retail!

A recent report suggests brick and mortar retail brands are significantly
underinvested in mobile. How bad is it?

Business intelligence firm L2 recently reported retailers are seriously behind
with in-store smartphone engagement
Why does this matter? Studies show fifty
percent of all mobile devices were “always-on” in 2013 and that number has risen
to over two-thirds last year.

“Smartphones have become the trusted, portable, always-on shopping companion
that desktop laptops never could be, with 85% of smartphone owners worldwide
saying they used their device while shopping in a brick-and-mortar store.”
as stated by L2. They go on to say, “Mobile phones are still suited for
upper-funnel shopping activities such as comparison shopping, product research,
and browsing and product discovery.”

Retailers will need to move quickly as store traffic continues to diminish at an
exponential rate, they need to get more involved in mobile-in-store integration.
QR codes while not new can be leveraged as shoppers walk the aisles. Another
matter to be addressed is sales and floor staff need to be equipped with tablets,
as recommended by inRealty, to better assist the customer with their in-store

Admail’s unlimited data storage and signup form tools can be leveraged to capture
and store customer data for later evaluation and cross-selling. Many want to over
complicate customer data missing the simple opportunities to capture complete
customer information and identifying how the customer wants to be contacted.

Millennials dislike a sales pitch; they don’t want to be sold via traditional
methods. Social Media Influencers are nothing more than thinly veiled pitchmen.
Kim Kardashian is the modern day P. T. Barnum.

More on MMM to come...

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