7 Email Marketing practices to leave behind!

When it comes to email marketing success, sometimes quitting can become winning.

I’m willing to bet there are a number of poor email marketing practices that held you back in years past.

What if you gave them up?

Take a few minutes and review the top seven practices that marketers need to quit doing in 2018.

Stop wingin’ it

Most marketers don't give themselves enought time to plan their stratagey.

Get ahead of the game and plan out potential marketing opportunities to guide you month by month. As you already know, some months are busier, and some slower. In either case, it’s best to have an idea of what you’re going to send, instead of scrambling at the last minute.

It sounds overwhelming at first, but we’ll show you how to plan a year’s worth of email marketing in just 15 minutes.

Quit sending inconsistently

Establish a consistent email marketing schedule. When you send at the same time every week or month, your subscribers come to expect your email and look forward to it.

And, if you invest the time to create a reusable email template, you can create an email in minutes. Check out our Instructional Video for the new Responsive Email Builder

Create a master template, then choose an optimal time to send based on what’s worked well for you in the past. Take a look at your email reports to see if any day or time gives you especially strong results.

Don’t put off contact management

Contact management is a crucial part of email marketing, because proper collection and segmentation methods are the difference between blasting subscribers with your marketing messages and targeting subscribers with the right message at the right time.

Just like organizing your closet, you want to start by getting rid of things that no longer serve you, such as bounced contacts. (In case you weren't aware, Admail does this automatically!)

You can also create a different email lists to target people with specific messages that match their interests.

Customize your signup form so new subscribers can select what kind of information they want to receive from you.

And you can make it even easier by adding your contacts to lists automatically with Interest Group segmentation.

Get over the fear of asking for email addresses

Nothing is more important to the growth of your business or non-profit than reaching new customers, volunteers, or donors on an ongoing basis.

To be more confident about collecting email addresses more frequently, create a strong system to build your email list everywhere you can. Point of purchase, events, trade shows, on your phone while traveling; there are now apps that can scan a contact's business card, while standardizing and formating an address so it's easy to upload later. Don't forget to get their mobile—at some point you are going to want to push a mass SMS.

Don’t ignore new subscribers

Set up a Welcome message.

According to an Epsilon study, welcome emails have the highest open rates, compared to every other type of marketing email.

It’s also your best chance to make your subscribers feel welcomed and drive early action.

You can customize your welcome email and write a short message, which will send immediately after a new contact is added to your email list.

Don’t be afraid to design your own images

You don’t have to be a designer to create beautiful, eye-catching visuals for your marketing emails.

Stop avoiding metrics and reporting

Metrics and reporting are the fruits of your labor. They are where you go when you need answers or when your boss wants to see how your marketing efforts are working.

Get familiar with AccuTrak email tracking tools and how different metrics relate to your business goals.

Our reporting tools tell you how many people opened and clicked on your email. These insights will help you focus your efforts and understand what to avoid doing in the future.

Finally, Step up your marketing game

If you implement these seven steps, your marketing program will be set for the next year.

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