Signup Now! Tips for Effective Signups

Studies currently show the top right corner is the best location to place your newsletter signup link, button or field. Although what is best for your needs should be answered by you, not a GURU or Marketing MAVEN. The following are tips and suggestions; Take your time digesting them-- it's your business.

Here are some important questions to ask. Even if you know the answer, maybe it's time to ask them again.

  1. Does your product require a long sell cycle?
  2. Are you looking for a quick list of e-mails?
  3. Are you looking to build long term customer relationships?
  4. If you could buy all of the seats in the Stadium, would you mingle with everyone, or sit by the client that will pay your bills for the next 10 years?

These questions are not to be taken lightly; different goals require different strategies.

If your goal is- "I need a quick list of email signups for the Newsletter to appease my boss this week," then obtain the top, right corner of your web site's home page, place a simple signup form, requiring an email address and, perhaps, a name and decorate it with a picture of Pamela Anderson. You have now guaranteed that ninety percent of your new signups will move you, along with your product, to the TRASH folder by the third newsletter.

Experts state it often takes seven or more messages before prospective customers make a purchase.

If you want to keep their attention, provide your reader with real substance, conveyed honestly from the very beginning.

The top right corner is an excellent place to locate your newsletter signup; however, take the time to make it relevant to your page and your product. Remember, a form does not have to say "Newsletter." Many other options exist:

  • Vendor Update
  • Product Annoucements
  • Specials Update
  • Your Weekly Hotline
  • Catalogue Updates

Your home page is your only chance to make a first impression. If you want customers to sign up for your newsletter, your homepage will be indicative of the expected substance. Consider linking to an archive of past newsletters; this gives confidence to your audience and confirmation that you mean business.

Remember that word of mouth referrals are golden. Keeping your newsletter interesting and current can lead to new prospects generated by your current readers.

It's true that you want as many sign ups as possible, but don't be afraid to require more than just their name and email -- playing hard to catch has it's advantages. Prospects that take the time to fill in more information indicate to you that they are truly interested in your product. This extra data can be valuable to your sales team or be used to append other important subscriber information; but whatever you do, DO NOT ABUSE this valuable resource.

It is possible to use glitz, glamour and the latest statistics to get a high rate of signups, information gleaned from a more sedate, well thought out sign up form will truly be more valuable.

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