Sign Ups and You

Now that you have a regular electronic mailing, how do you keep it growing? Normal attrition will slowly eat away at your list, so a steady stream of new List Members will help keep your numbers up.

One of the best ways to add List Members is to use a Sign Up Form. By giving potential List Members the ability to join your list, your end result is new list members that explicitly want to hear from you! This translates into more people opening and reading your e-mail, along with more people clicking links in your e-mail to find out more!

The question remains though- how do you get people to sign up? As a response, it might be asked, "Do people know there's something to sign up for?"

Make sure that your sign up form link is easily found and not lost in the static. A small link or text box can get lost with all of the other search fields, articles, links and ads on your site, so give it the prominence that it needs. If your e-mail is important and you want lots of sign ups, don't let it get lost!

Mention it! After a few pages, the general framework of your site becomes background noise, so even a well placed sign up form link will be ignored. Place other links to it, or mention it along with other information on your site. This may be the incentive for a person to actually click on your link and sign up.

Inform the masses. Make sure that you mention a few details about your newsletter. Do you send it monthly? What kind of information should someone expect to find in your e-mails?

Using a sign up form is a great way to take a burden off of your shoulders. List Members sign up, requesting your information; They want to hear from you! Go make sure that you're using your sign up form the fullest potential, if you can find it.

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