The Case for Test Design

It would be nice to rely on a list of successful marketing techniques focused on the email arena. However, the truth is there are not many simple, tried and true email marketing techniques out there. Testing is essential, if you want to consistently reach the largest number of your target audience. The cost of testing is outweighed by the costs of failing to test. You can design simple A/B split tests or head-to-head tests for a couple of variables in your email. However, the chances that these forms of testing to will help refine a large number of variables in an email campaign are negligible and in many cases cost prohibitive.

While the subject may be intimidating, knowledge of test design is essential when you are attempting to increase your market share. Now, there are more testing tools available to marketers interested in optimization of their entire email campaign.Multi variable matrix and fractional factorial test designs will enable you to step beyond the wing and a prayer techniques of head-to-head testing of a couple of variables into the realm of coordinated testing of several variables simultaneously. The increased popularity of six-sigma in quality control has helped to bring these forms of testing forward to be used more broadly in the business and manufacturing sectors. The increased availability of testing design specialists in modern industry has made testing the norm rather than the exception. Therefore, to compete in the email direct marketing arena, you owe it to yourself to qualify your message thoroughly before you send it out to your target audience.

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