Upgrades for Demographic Target Filters

Requests have come in asking for more usability with our demographic target filters. Users of Admail.net's Advantage packages will now notice it is easier to manage and maintain your filters.

Do you mail frequently with complex selections of demographics and interest groups? Simplify it by making an all-in-one target filter that can now include interest groups. The next time you want to mail that filter, just select it from the pull down menu, you don't have to go through the selection process again.

If you'd like to use a specific demographic target for multiple mailings with different interest groups, just save the demographics as a target filter without any interest groups. That target filter will be available for use in conjunction with your interest groups. The combinations are plentiful and the uses are many... Be sure the look into the target filters and see how they can help reduce your workload.

In addition to the enhanced usability when mailing, we have created a new interface for managing your target filters. You can now view, edit and delete your target filter options. The "Target Filter" page is accessible under "Send E-Mail" on the left side navigation menu.

Remember, demographic targeting is limited by the fields utilized in your List Member Profile!

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