Uploading Data- tips and Tricks

Admail.net's List Builder is a simple interface to a modern, multi-threaded Relational Database Management System. The Admail.net Upload service is one facet of List Builder, which gives you the ability to add, update, and segregate List Members.

Admail.net Advantage accounts include all of the features discussed in this article; XP accounts can add these features separately using the Shopping Cart.

A file with new List Member Data can be uploaded at anytime by using the Upload service, which can be found under the List Builder tab at the top of the screen. You can upload data that is specified in your List Member profile and segregate a list into Hidden Interest Groups if you've created some.

What often gets overlooked is that you can upload a list with existing List Members! List Builder treats this as an update and will never create a duplicate entry.

But why would you want to upload existing List Members?

The easiest answer is updating. You've made updates to your list back in your office and you want List Builder to reflect these changes. By uploading your new data, you will update the existing List Members with your new information.

Another answer is targeted mailings. Perhaps you have a successful campaign with a large opens percentage and you would like to do a followup campaign to those paticipants who opened the e-mail. Simply download the list of opens in AccuTrak and upload the list in List Builder to update the folowup interest group.

Remember, a list of email addresses is a CSV file with only one column!

If you use your imagination, there are countless ways to utilize this simple tool.

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