Why Plain Text Email has More Impact

A plain text email lives up to its name. It’s a simple, no-bells-and-whistles type message. The internet we know today with eye-catching images, intuitive search engines, and billions of hours of video was once nothing more than a platform to share files. In those days, email was the communication method of the future, but there was nothing fancy about those memos.

An email template that supports plaintext breaks the message down to its core component. The images, gifs, videos and colorful text are removed. All that’s left is the basic text of the message. While HTML emails are often the email template choice of marketers because of the ability to modify font, add images, or insert video, plain text emails have a number of benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Benefits of Plain Text Email

Before you start dragging and dropping animated gifs into your next enewsletter, consider these benefits of just sticking to the facts.

1. No distractions

Like books and letters, this email style is free of distractions. There’s no blinking sale sign or a string of shoe models dancing across the screen. You can construct your message exactly as you want to say it with nothing more than just plaintext.

2. Delivers to all platforms

There are some email platforms that do not deliver HTML emails. Text-based messages, however, are 100% deliverable. The text doesn’t trip the email platform’s spam blocker and shoot your message to the black hole of inboxes.

3. Room for personalization

When’s the last time you received a hand-written (or typed) letter? A plain text email offers a similar feeling of personalization – like it’s a message meant precisely for the reader. While HTML emails can be vibrant and entertaining, there’s not much in the way of a friendly vibe as with text emails.

4. Fewer technical glitches

Your email recipients have their inbox preferences set to their personal wants and needs. If your HTML email doesn’t clear one of those filters, the email may display improperly, creating a poor user experience. Plaintext is less likely to display poorly or get captured by a spam filter.

5. There’s room for both

Sending plaintext emails doesn’t mean you have to forfeit the rich experience of an HTML message. Include a link to “view the email online” in your email footer or header. This way, the images, branded graphics, and videos you’ve created will still hold value.

Best Plain Text Email Template

Even after crafting the ideal message for your customers, your email is only as good as the platform from which you send it. Relying on Admail.net to construct and send your marketing messages gives you confidence that the email will be delivered and your recipient won’t question the trustworthiness of your message.

There’s no need to limit your brand to one style of email template. Whether you want your recipients to feel the personal connection offered in a plain text message or you want to grab their attention with a branded video, Admail.net provides the platform to create both. Check out our video tutorial here.

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