Why use the List Member Profile?

It has been said that we are living in the Information Age. The Internet puts information at our fingertips and connects it all together. Information drives today's business and our culture thrives upon it.

Information is power.

And yet, valuable information is probably slipping through your grasp right now.

Many Admail.net users utilize the List Member Signup Form. With a simple cut-and-paste, List Members can visit your web site and sign up for your Newsletter. Their e-mail address gets stored in your List Builder List and they will receive your next mailing. It's simple. The web advertising money you spend drives people to your website and gives your mailing list more exposure.

That's all there is, right?

What happens when you want to send a standard mail piece? What if you want to send your email newsletter only to residents of Ohio and Pennsylvania? Or perhaps you'd like to personalize your e-mail with the List Members name! That's where your List Member Profile comes in.

Located under the List Builder tab on the Admail.net website, you'll find a menu link to List Member Profile (LMP). The LMP allows you to request additional information from your potential List Members, like First Name, Last Name, Occupation, or Address.

Your LMP is divided into different categories. Open a category by clicking on the ( Plus Sign ) icon. You'll see a list of questions that are available to ask your List Members. Each question has two checkboxes. The first makes the question appear on your List Member Signup Form, and the second makes the question a required field. A required field means that a signup will not be accepted until it is filled in.

Once you've specified which questions you want and which are required, click the Save button at the bottom of the page. Your List Member Profile is now updated and you'll be gathering more of that Information that makes the world go round.

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