10 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

1) Keep subject lines clear and concise you now have under 5 seconds to get the readers attention.

2) When using HTML or Flash remember your customer's machine or connection may not be the fastest. You may lose their interest if they have to wait for the graphics to load.

3) Text is still the best format for many business to business or technical applications.

4) Broken graphic images or links will send the wrong message to your customer check your messages on more than one computer when ever possible.

5) Customer service your recipient may choose to reply to your message rather than use the contact information on your website. Be sure read the returned messages it could be the difference between keeping your customer happy and losing them.

6) Be sure you purge customers who have requested to be removed or un-subscribed from your list. Admail.net automatically does this critical function for you.

7) Customer data integration keep customer street address information up to date for continuity, direct mail, and customer retention.

8) Provide alternate text when using HTML some customers may not keep be able to view HTML and your message will not be read if hidden in hypertext markup language.

9) Frequency give your customer an option when available to receive your message daily? weekly? monthly? E-mail burn out will effect customer retention.

10) Time of day, when possible send your message to business readers in the middle of the day. This gives you the best chance your customer will see your message.

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