's New Web Site!

Dateline Ohio, a division of List Media, announces an all new, low cost, do-it-yourself e-mail marketing service and web site. The new site features full customer database management, an e-mail lettershop (offering easy design and deployment), plus full service URL tracking. This Tier one service can handle everything from the local high school newsletter to companies sending up to 100,000 newsletters a month and beyond at a fraction of the cost must other services charge. Plus you have the support, service and experience of 8 years of e-mail marketing and 25 years of databases management along with unlimited scalability. guarantees to not only be the lowest price but offer the best service and support.

The direct marketing industry has seen many changes in the last 10 years, but none more cost-effective or targeted as e-mail. The system begins with List Builder: a comprehensive database management tool that also provides seamless data capture and management. Next comes eShop: now in its 7th year of development and service. eShop not only offers the flexibility of uploading your HTML created in Hotmetal Pro, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, etc., it also offer templates for many less demanding applications and eliminates the need to buy more software.

eShop, as always, supports your deployment quickly and efficiently using state-of-the-art UNIX servers and proprietary software. Saving the customer even more by not having to purchase added hardware and software. also take out the concern of scalability.

Finally, the system not only manages removes and unsubscribes, it also offers AccuTrak. AccuTrak is a full service tracking system which offers real time reporting of how many emails were sent, remove requests, non deliverable (bounces), viewed and URL click-thru's.

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