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Current California law, and pending legislation in several other states, indicates that SPAM is rapidly escalating the anxiety level of many Americans. Recipients of e-mail are getting tired of all the unsolicited credit-card debt relief, physical enhancement and adult entertainment messages that are crossing their desktops every day. In attempts to address the situation, legislatures have put forth a patchwork of regulations aimed at SPAM. Unfortunately, legitimate email marketers are being tarred with the same brush as SPAMMERS. Add to this the overabundance of SPAM filtering packages, and you have solutions being introduced that can exterminate legitimate e-mail as well as unsolicited e-mail. The good news is that clearance of this SPAM filtering hurdle is the focus of many internet business interests. The Project Lumos White Paper is a good example.

However, the internal filtering mechanism of each customer is a different story. For example, AOL's new 9.0 release adds Bayesian filtering. This is symptomatic of where e-mail filtering is headed. In a nutshell, Bayesian filtering tracks the customer's responses to email by subject and sender. Using this information, it establishes a customized filtering scheme for each of its users based on their preferences. Therefore, if you fail to get your customer to open your e-mail message, future e-mails from you may be routed directly to the recycle bin. In a world where consumers are more likely to attack email as SPAM, it is important for you to rapidly gain their trust. We hope this month's newsletter will provide the information that can help you more effectively reach your target audience.

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