3 Steps To Define Your Target Audience

With the current social media driven culture, consumers have more choices than ever.
Utilizing social media and email marketing to leverage a brand is essential in
today’s market. Connecting with people through media outlets provides businesses
the opportunity to syndicate content around the clock. Capturing the client’s
attention through social media and defining their needs gives one an advantage over
competition. Understanding the customer results in optimizing an effective marketing
strategy that ultimately increases sales. One cannot expect everyone to benefit
from a particular product. However, one specific group of people will benefit from
a product or service, and targeting this demographic is necessary to provide a clear
focus for your campaign. To engage and reach the target demographic, one must
understand who their target demographic is. Define the target audience with these
three steps below.

1. Remember It’s Not All About Your Product

The starting point in selling a product is understanding it is not only about the company or product. It’s about the consumer. What is the biggest need of the client? What problem does the product solve? To successfully reach the client, one must meet their needs.

2. Know The Audience

“Knowledge is power and it can command obedience,” Sir Francis Bacon penned in 1668. By studying the interests, attitudes and behaviors of your audience, your business obtains what is is known as psychographic advantage. How do they spend personal time? What is the social media platform of choice? What are the day-to-day concerns? What motivates them? What do they read, what do they watch? These questions must be answered before developing an integrated marketing strategy to reach your target audience.

3. Demographic Analysis & Segmentation

Demographics are objective identifiers of a client base. This includes age, gender, marital status, income and education. Find a service that conducts national surveys detailing key information on consumer demographics, preferences, buying habits and trends. The U.S. Census Bureau can provide information pertinent to the population of your area at BusinessUSA, Department of Labor, Department of Commerce and local city websites offer population characteristics of residents, as well. This will enable one to focus on user specific needs. Lastly, measure and quantify your market, to show total market area for business.

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