5 Useful Admail.net Features You May Not Know

Whether you are a long time user or completely new to Admail.net, there are probably useful sections of the site that you aren't familiar with. Admail is full featured and there are tools that may help you improve your results that you might be missing.

Interest Groups: Possibly the most useful feature on Admail.net. This is how you will segment your list so you can send to smaller groups. Master interest groups and you'll be able to achieve much more with you list. Once an interest group is created, new uploads can be added to it immediately from the upload page.

QR Codes: We've had a QR code generator on the site for some time, but with the re-design of our sign up forms, they are more relevant than ever. You can no create a QR code when you generate the link to your sign up form so you can use it in advertising or to print out at a physical location.

Target Filters: This feature is somewhat hidden, mainly because it's for a bit of an advanced user. While most accounts have access to it, it is rarely used. Target filters allow you to target a mailing based on data that you've uploaded with your list. It's always best to include as much information as possible when you do an upload (as long as it's reasonable!) because then you can use target filters if need be. Target filters can also be used to target emails by uncommon data values like shoe size when paired with custom fields.

Multiple Signup Forms: A new feature, multiple sign up forms is a new way to change your sign up for based on where it will exist, or who will access it. Now you can have a different sign up for for every website you manage, or one for in your store and a different one on your website. This allows  you to have specific theming, message, and even different incentives.

Video User Guides: Probably the least well guarded secret of the lot, our video user guides are a library of knowledge about the Admail.net system. They exist for nearly every feature including all of the features (except multi-forms which is coming soon!) listed previously. The most valuable page on the site for new users, go from a novice to a master in 2-5 minutes on any Admail topic.

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