6 Tips to Building an Email Marketing Campaign

If you don't currently have an email marketing campaign planned out, then you should strongly consider implementing one. Email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to engage with your target audience, and can be incredibly useful for nurturing your leads and building both brand trust and loyalty. The following are six tips you should keep in mind when you go about creating an email marketing campaign for your business:

  1. Focus on creating high quality content - Make sure that you are sending your subscribers content that is helpful and informative instead of spamming them with promotional material, which will only result in an increased unsubscribe rate.

  2. Provide incentives for signing up - One of the best ways to build your email list is by providing visitors to your website with an incentive for signing up. For example, offer a free eBook, white paper or access to a webinar in return for their name and email address (and permission to send them emails, of course). You could even provide special discounts off your products or services in return for signing up. Without any kind of incentive, visitors are much less likely to bother signing up for your emails.

  3. Create an effective opt-in form - This is a lot easier said than done. Many marketers assume that if a person is on the landing page that contains the opt-in form, that they are as good as captured. This is not true. If the landing page is too cluttered and it takes time to find the opt-in form, visitors may skip it. You should also avoid asking too many questions or making the form too complicated to fill out. People generally don't feel too comfortable giving out too much personal information and may decide to opt out.

  4. Create effective calls-to-action - Use calls-to-action to convince visitors to sign up for your email list. Without calls-to-action, many visitors are not going to bother going looking for your email opt-in form. Your calls-to-action should use compelling language that incite action, promise value and create urgency. For example, words like "free," "now," "today," "exclusive," and "download," are all effective words.

  5. Segment your email list - By segmenting your email list, you'll ensure that you only send your subscribers emails that are relevant to them. This makes it easier to nurture your leads. For example, say you run a small local bakery. You have an email that provides readers with a list of benefits of eating chocolate. You don't want to send that email to someone who is allergic to chocolate - they'll immediately realize that you're just mass emailing people.

  6. Track your results - Use analytics to find out the open rate of your emails, the rate of unsubscribe and the click-through rate to judge the performance of your email marketing campaign and to adjust it as necessary.

These are six tips that will help you to build an email marketing campaign that will help you to effectively nurture your leads.

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