3 Advantages of a Content Based Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign is an excellent tool for getting product or company
information directly to your target market. Many email marketing campaigns are
sales driven however, one of the best uses of an email campaign is to inform the
reader. A content-based campaign uses information, verifiable facts, and case
studies to educate recipients on a service or product. A content-based email
marketing campaign is an excellent first step in building customer relationships
and can have long lasting effects on target markets.

When using a content-based campaign you will see the following three advantages.

Shows How You Fulfill Customer Needs

In the modern market some of the most effective marketing campaigns are based on
problem solving. Frame your product or service around its ability to work as
solution. Customers have problems and they want to do business with people who can
solve these issues. With content based emails you focus on a product or service,
not an individual or a sales pitch. With this type of framing it becomes easier
to sell your services or products as a solution to a problem your target market
is encountering. The best way to do so is to be informative state the issue, list
how you will solve the issue, and use real world examples to support your offered

Builds Your Credibility

Being seen as credible is one of the most important aspects of marketing. With
content based emails you have several opportunities to show competence. Use case
studies, statistics, and quotes for previous clients to show real world examples
of the solutions you provide. By using real world examples this allows readers to
see themselves in the position of a satisfied customer. With proper framing you
present yourself as an industry leader and expert in your field. A flashy sales
email may move one product but a chance to improve your credibility can build
business for years. A good reputation is its own marketing tool.

Opens The Channels Of Communication

A content-based email marketing campaign sells a potential customer on why they
would want to do business with a company based on information. The email does not
create the sale however, it does begin the sales process. After a buyer has been
properly educated on a good they will next reach out if they wish to buy it.
Content marketing drives sales by bringing customers to you. Once a customer
feels a company is trustworthy and their products fill a need they will next make
a purchase or request further information. By opening these lines of communication
a business relationship can begin. Also when a customer initiates a business
related relationship they tend to show greater loyalty over the long term.

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