Customer Retention Email Strategies

It’s a mistake to believe that your email marketing efforts end once
you have converted visitors into paying customers. In fact, it is only the
beginning. It is much easier and less expensive to retain customers than to
bring in new ones. In fact, it can cost seven times more
to bring in new customers than to keep old ones, yet companies habitually shift
their focus away from customer retention.

What Is Customer Retention?

This process isn’t just about keeping customers; it involves actively trying to
keep them happy by ensuring they have a great experience which encourages them to
spread the word about your products and services. When you focus on
existing customers, then bringing in new consumers almost takes care of itself.

This is where triggered email marketing comes in; it is a way to identity what
is troubling these customers (pain points) and make a difference. Behavioral
marketing involves the personalization of marketing based on the data you collect
relating to the activity of users. Here are a few ways to use this strategy and
retain a high percentage of your existing customers.

  • Advocacy Program: Send an email to new customers inviting them to join and
    offer reward points for signing up. Make sure the advocacy program has expiry
    dates to ensure the recipients of the email take quick action.
  • Promo Code: This classic strategy still works! Offer a thank you gift or
    special coupon code once customers have made a purchase. The gifts on offer
    depend on your business and what you can afford. If you sell something with an
    annual plan for example; you could offer 20% off.
  • Holiday Gifts: Holiday marketing is extremely popular so offer a gift
    inside the email to make sure your company stands out from the rest. Corporate
    giants such as Amazon and Starbucks send e-gift cards to customers so if it’s
    good enough for them, it’s good enough for everyone else!
  • Market Research Survey: As well as gaining important insights into your
    company through customer input, these emails can be great ways to retain customers.
    Simply ask customers for their opinions in a short survey (shorter emails of this
    nature tend to have better response rates) and offer them a spot in a draw for a
    big prize like a $500 voucher or vacation in the Caribbean. This gets customers
    excited about your brand and may even cause them to spread the news about your

The above is just a handful of retention email strategies you can use to keep a
loyal fan base and ensure you are forced to spend less on new customer marketing

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