Troubles With Tracking

Click tracking with AccuTrak shows how
many subscribers clicked links in your email, which is a great way to track
engagement. All Admail accounts include this feature.

You can turn click tracking off, but it is usually best to leave it on, so email
links will match the sending location. This is something email hosts will
check when determining if an email is spam. If the embedded links domain
( is different from the Admail header domain they risk being
flagged as Phishing emails. By
embedding the URL/HREF correctly and setting the AccuTrak tracking to "on" you
minimize this risk.

If you're having issues with click tracking (low numbers, high numbers or non-existent),
then read on for some answers:

Disabled Link Tracking

Check in the Account Settings that Track HTML Links by default and Track Text
Links by default
are selected. When reviewing your email, be sure that Track
Template Links and Track Alternate Text Links are also selected before sending.

Once a campaign has been sent, you cannot add click tracking to it. Always review
the detected links beforehand for missing links or ghost links before checking
if link tracking is turned on.

Formatting Issues

First, check for typos. One missed quote or angle bracket in an HTML tag can
break more than just a link!

If your link is part of the email body but does not use HTML tags, the link might
function, but it cannot be tracked. Be sure to use the "Insert link" or
Link Tool
in the editor to keep your email in good shape!

Finally, check that the URL has the correct address and that it starts with
either http:// or https://. Links with "mailto:" or "tel:" can not be tracked.

Very High Clickthrough Count

If your clicks seem unusually high it could be an email host’s spam filter is
pre-fetching the links to check for malware. You can identify the issue if most
or all recipients from one domain are listed as clickthroughs. If this is an
ongoing problem, you can try targeted mailings with disabled link tracking.

Low Clickthrough Count

If you're seeing low clickthrough counts, try changing the format of your email.
One specific thing to check is that your links use descriptive text, rather than
a URL or generic "click here". For example, Our December Blog Post
is better than click here or
Non-descriptive text can cause some of your recipients to see alerts that the message
is not safe.

No Tracking in Test Emails

AccuTrak does not track clicks in test emails.

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