8 Ways to Grow Your Business through Email Management

Email management is a key factor in reaching new audiences and expanding your
customer base. A well managed email marketing campaign is an easy and cost
effective way to make thousands of impressions. Here are eight tips for growing
your business with email management:

1. Clean and Easy

One of the best ways to reach your intended audience is to keep your message
clean and easy to read. Potential customers won't bother to read a long ad that
is cluttered or poorly formatted. Keep it short and sweet, and make important
points bold so that the customer can easily scan for the most important points.

2. Avoid Becoming Spam

Spam filters can be the death of any email marketing campaign. The CAN-SPAM
initiative outlines guidelines that all email marketers need to follow to stay
out of the Spam folder and in the customer's inbox. Following these rules should
be a primary focus for your entire email management team.

3. Target Wisely

The majority of your email marketing campaign should focus on a targeted group
of people who are likely to be most receptive to your product. Sending mass
emails to people who aren't interested is a waste of time and energy, and will
not result in any returns.

4. Let People Go

People sign up for lots of email newsletters and subscriptions on a whim, but
often times they want to unsubscribe after a few months. Your company will gain
their confidence if you make it easy for them to unsubscribe. In addition, take
time to set up a strategy for backing away from customers who become unresponsive.
Consider stopping emails after a series of non-responses so that the customer
isn't feeling pestered.

5. Make Your Links Visible

Make sure the links in your emails are easy to locate and that they are relevant
to the ad. Customers get frustrated when they have to search your site for the
product that was advertised in the email. Instead, make sure your email ads have
several functional links that take them directly to the products you are
selling, which can be accompanied by a concise call to action.

6. Think Long Term

Customers get tired of receiving dozens of ads each month that are only good for
one specific product or service. Many companies are seeing more success with email
management by building a long term marketing plan that includes a series of
connected ads that have a central theme and tell a story. Each new ad should
build upon the previous one.

7. Don't Forget to Test

This is an often overlooked problem that companies face. Sending out a test
email to a small group of customers first will ensure that links are functional,
formatting is correct and that the ad doesn't have any other issues.

8. Plan for Text Only

Increasingly, customers are accessing emails on their phones. Data and size
limitations mean that many customers are choosing to only read in text-only

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