A good database isn't just valuable, it's priceless.

The biggest hurdle in email marketing is getting your hands on a good database. We frequently have issues with our customers who want to buy, or have already bought, an email list or database that turns out to be garbage. Buying a list is very dangerous territory. There's a very good chance that you'll waste your money or get yourself in a lot of trouble. We've been advocating organically built lists for many years. The worth of a good list is not to be underestimated, it's a priceless commodity.

There are people out there who pay top dollar for good data. If you have built a list on your own, you have something that is more valuable than you know. An organically built list is a direct line to a consumer group with very specific interests. If you've collected the list through your business, the interest that they share in common is your product. People in the marketing industry dream about that kind of information.

Admail.net has the tools that allow you to build your list into an extremely valuable asset. The most important tool in doing that is our List Member Profile. The more information you can gather about your customers the better. When you create an account, you should take some time to browse the list member profile. Proper setup of your list member profile is crucial in many other aspects of the system. Make sure you include fields for all of the user information you are able to capture. With more information on each list member, you are able to produce directed marketing for specific groups within your list.

Don't undervalue your own list. Protect it by keeping it up-to-date and maintained, and don't be fooled by unsavory list brokers trying to sell you questionable data. There is no such thing as a quick buck in email marketing. It takes dedication, strategy, and integrity. Once you have the respect and trust of your client list, make sure that you understand the value and cherish it.

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