IP Monitoring

IP monitoring is an important part of successful email marketing that many mailers are unfamiliar with. To put it simply, from the moment you begin to send email from an IP, it begins to gain an email "reputation". This reputation can drastically affect the chance that any email sent from the IP reaches the intended recipients inbox.

For the common person who only sends personal email to friends, colleagues, and other addresses, IP reputation isn't a concern. Low volume personal email is very unlikely to cause an IP to gain a poor reputation. That all changes when someone begins sending bulk email. "Bulk", in this case, really just means anything over the average amount of mail a personal email account would send. Whether that be hundreds or thousands of emails, the risk of damage to a mailing IP starts to increase exponentially. Once an IP reputation starts to become clouded, a mailer will quickly begin to see a decrease in deliverability. If the IP reputation isn't repaired, success in mailing can grind to a halt.

Professional IP monitoring is one of the major reasons that many mailers come to a service like Even if you're only sending 500 emails a month from an account, without IP monitoring, you'll likely run into problems sooner than later.

At Admail, we have a trained staff who monitor all of our IPs around the clock to ensure the best deliverability possible. They deal with IP reputation issues as they arise and ensure that they are dealt with as quickly as possible to ensure your campaigns remain successful. Admail has 15 years of experience dealing with IP reputation and we've built the relationships and knowledge base necessary to handle any problem.

Admail also has a system of tiered IPs in place that protect the mailing success of all of our users. Clients are placed on the appropriate tier of IPs based on their list quality, mailing history, and content. If a client begins to damage the reputation of an IP range, their account can quickly be moved from those IPs and evaluated. Mailers who approach list growth and mailing responsibly over time are moved to more exclusive tiers of IPs. This tiered approach protects all of our clients and allows responsible mailers to maintain the highest levels of deliverability while allowing us to be more flexible with mailers who may make a mistake.

Admail prides itself on working closely with our customers to understand their situations and needs. We know most of clients personally and work to achieve their goals. Speaking with our clients gives us insight into where their lists comes from and how they plan to mail to it. We evaluate all this information and use it to evaluate potential IP reputation risks. Our relationships allow us to serve all of our customers better.

If you have more questions about or the specifics of our IP monitoring system, please feel free to contact us at Thank you!

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