Launches 8 New Interest Group Features's new interface includes a number of features that make it easier for all email marketers to use and sure to please power users. announced today they have completely overhauled List Builder's Interest Group features and interface. Clients now have more tools in hand.

New and upgraded features of List Builder's Interest Groups include:

* Advanced List Segmentation
* Active Counts
* File Nth-ing
* Merging
* Increased number of Interest Groups
* New easy-to-use Interface
* Inline Editing
* Drag and drop Sorting

"We've received lots of positive feedback from our customers, who have found our new features very useful," said Robert Hicks,'s President. "Best of all, it all runs on one page so that all of their Interest Group information is right at hand." With these new features, customers are now able to put Interest Groups in any order they want; get an active count of list members for each group; add and edit Interest Groups; and segment and merge Interest Groups all on one page with a new simple to use interface.

Many of the new features show up when creating a new Interest Group. An Interest Group can be populated with List Members from their last file upload, List Members not already in any other Interest Groups, List Members from other Interest Groups, or List Members from a segment of another Interest Group. The last option is what allows for advanced segmentation of Interest Groups. This feature enables users to send test mail to a portion of their list to test the effectiveness of a campaign, before sending to everyone else. Each segment is created from a random sampling of an Interest Group and, for further testing, multiple segments of an Interest Group can be created without any overlap of list members. customers may find themselves creating lots of Interest Groups and segments, but that's not a problem -- they now have fifty Interest Groups to work with. They'll also be able to consolidate their Interest Groups easily with the new Merging feature. This allows users to permanently join together multiple Interest Groups. Users choose a target group and then select groups to merge into it. Afterwards they can delete any of the groups that are no longer needed. All of this is done within the same page and with an intuitive interface.

These new features clearly give the upper hand over their competition. Whether a user is just getting started or is a direct marketing veteran, these Interest Group functions far exceed expectations and surpass's competitors tools. is making email marketing easier so senders can focus on their communication with their list members and contacts. has been delivering emails for clients since 1995. Their expertise and understanding of the changing needs of this field makes them the technology leader in email marketing and data management.

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