Moving On

Near the end of 2007, we received word that our Internet hosting provider (IBM) was getting out of the hosting business in Atlanta and that our contract had been bought out by Quality Technology Services.

We've dealt with provider changes before, so this news wasn't too disturbing. Shortly thereafter, we learned that we had to move all of our equipment to a new data center. Now, that news was cause for alarm. We greatly value our uptime and service availability--how could we move our equipment and not interrupt our service to our customers? We worked through many different scenarios, but decided to stay with the Quality Tech., because every other option involved a total computational transplant as well.

After that, we were busy orchestrating a careful dance of equipment that would impact our customers as little as possible. With the exception of our file upload service being out of commission for a bit, we were able to pull off the move with no measurable downtime in our service.

The Good News: Our site and services are now more robust and more stable than ever.

The Other Good News: Now that the move is over, we're back to working on more exciting improvements for admail. In 2008, we'll be polishing off many features of the site, including Email Builder.  There's also going to be some extremely boring changes made to our database that will allow for AccuTrak to report your statistics in many different ways.

So stick around as we continue to move on!

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