Breathe New Life Into Your Zombie List Members!

Do you have zombies on your email list? If you have been sending to a list for a while it's inevitable that you will have created a few zombies. What exactly is a zombie list member? It's someone who is getting your email, hasn't unsubscribed, but has long since tuned out your messages. It's an unfortunate, but fairly common situation. A zombie list member still theoretically likes your company and is interested in the idea of hearing from you, but you haven't maintained their interest. The good news is, you still have an opportunity to bring them back to life!

It's very difficult to consistently make relevant content for your list members. Good content doesn't appear out of thin air and being an excellent marketer doesn't come easily. It's all too easy to fall into a boring routine with your newsletters and quickly become dull. This can be a devastating mistake. You must value your customers and list members over everything. That means focusing on producing relevant and worthwhile content every time you contact them. You may not realize it, but any time you contact your list you have the option of either being an asset or an annoyance. You must always do you best to remain an asset or you may be doing yourself more harm than good.

One technique that will keep your list fresh is try to imagine that you are starting a brand new email marketing campaign. What kind of offers did you present your list members in the early days? How much effort did you put into the content? What you'll likely find is that your initial offers were more exciting and had more potential to grab the interest of your list than your more recent campaigns.

Another possible strategy to wake up some of your sleeper list members is to simply add variety. Do something unlike anything you've done before. Think outside the box! It's cliched at this point, but it's important. You may want to highlight a new product or feature in a big and flashy way. Perhaps give out an offer that you've never done before with an extreme call to action. You may even just change the look of your email drastically. All of these things have the possibility to surprise and motivate old list members.

If you're looking to find members that might be considered "zombies" on your list and to do a direct campaign to them, you can find them by collecting all of the users who have either been recorded as an open, reply, or clickthrough from your campaigns in 'X' time period. Anyone who hasn't done at least one of these things may be a zombie. You can either try to get them back or suppress them and let them go. It's completely up to you, but most of the time it's easier to get a customer who was once interested than to find new completely cold leads. has all the tools you need to create exciting content. We want to help you remain an asset to all of your list members. We consider ourselves part of all of our customer's teams. Your success is our success! If you ever have any questions about any of your mailing strategies, or just want to discuss some ways to improve your content, we are always happy to help!

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