Admail QR Code Tools a Hit with Distributors at PPAI 2012

QR Codes have continued to increase in popularity as smartphone usage has increased throughout the world. This new way of connecting with customers has already shown great potential and is still growing. QR Codes have proven to be extremely versatile and a great way to help businesses and organizations improve their customer contact, visibility, and sales.

In order to help their customers take advantage of this increasingly effective and popular tool, has integrated QR Codes into their online database system. Admail users can now utilize QR Codes to improve their lead generation and drive sales. In addition to this new feature, Admail is making massive improvement to their signup forms. The new forms will be more attractive and versatile, as well as more user friendly.

Admail showcased these new features to the Master Advertising Specialists (MAS), Certified Advertising Specialists (CAS) and promotional products distributors last week at the 2012 PPAI Expo. The reception was overwhelmingly positive. The attendees were excited about how these tools can be used with promotional products. They allow distributors to help their customers leverage QR codes and show impressive returns on their investments.

With Admail's new tools, users can create attractive and easy to use signup forms that are compatible with smart phones, iPads, tablets and home computers. Marketers and distributors can easily and seamlessly use QR Codes and their signup form to collect customer information and have it automatically added to their list on Admail. They can then seamlessly use Admail's powerful backend tools for list management and email distribution. There is no middle man or time consuming second step.

If you're interested in taking advantage of any of these features or if you'd like to discuss how to utilize Admail's powerful tools for your business or organization, please contact us today! Call during business hours at 800-479-6233 or email us anytime at You can visit our QR Code Generator page here!

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