Using Drafts and "Resume Your Last Email"

Your time is precious and that is why does its best to ensure that all the work that you do on our site can be easily and safely saved.

When working on an email in the Email Builder section of our site, some users have run into confusion when attempting to save their work. This blog post is intended to clear up any misconceptions you may have and to make our users more confident when saving their work. We know how frustrating it can be to work long and hard on a layout and then lose all your progress. We never want that to happen to you!

There are two ways your template design changes are saved by When you are working in the Email Builder, your work is temporarily saved so that if you happen to accidentally leave the site, have a crash, or something similar, you will not lose all your progress. You can access this saved information by going to the Email Builder tab, clicking Create Email, and the clicking on Resume Your Last Email. Be aware however that this is not a permanent save, if you access another email either through your drafts or by creating a new one, this progress will be lost.

The only way to permanently save an email draft to is the "Save as Draft" button on the "Review Your Email" page. This button will save a draft, including all the changes you have made, to the "Email Drafts" section of your account. You can access these drafts by navigating to that page under the Email Builder tab. Any time that you make a change to this draft that you wish to save permanently, you need to save it as a draft with this button. If you are editing a previously saved draft you will have the option to save over or create new. Saving over will save the changes to the draft you are editing. Create new will create another draft with the changes you have made but will also retain the original draft you began working on.

We are aware that there has been some confusion regarding these two methods. We do apologize to anyone who experienced a loss of work due to a misunderstanding. We are currently in the process of trying to find a better way to deal with this issue. We'd love to hear your input on the subject. Please email us at or contact us on our social media venues to have your voice heard. Thanks!

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